July 19, 2015


Do you like to read true stories about mental illness, that make you cry, that are (hopefully) well-done?

Really? What the hell is wrong with you?

Okay, Okay, me too. But in all seriousness, if you do like stories of dysfunctional childhoods. (Sick puppy) I’ve got a book here. 

But first, answer me this, why are we are drawn to that type of thing? I wonder about this often, I’ve read tons of “misery lit” memoirs. I can’t get enough of them really.  Is it a sign of a depraved mind? Is it a symptom of my own stinking childhood? Is it a way of saying to myself, well, I guess things weren’t so bad after all? 

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About the author: 

Sharon Jean Coleman born in Sussex, England, to a Jewish-American mother, and English father. Her parents divorced shortly after her birth, and she spent most of her early childhood traveling back and forth across the pond.

Her mother, a writer and poet was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (more commonly known as multiple personality disorder) sixteen years after her death. Prior to that time, nobody knew what was wrong with her.

Sharon is a textile artist, poet, and author and inventor of the Ablet Knitting Abacus. She lives in rural Rhode Island with her four precocious children and an unhealthy amount of yarn.

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  • Great book…yes, not sure why we are drawn to reading about people’s hard lives. Maybe its the fact that they perservered?


    • Sometimes I wonder if it’s not just to see a bigger train wreck than our own lives. LOL. As if, somehow that shared suffering lessens our own somehow. But I like your view better. Much more positive! 🙂

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